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Can corporate sponsorship affect the road to recovery for those in our society that are taking a new direction in their life?

• Corporations worldwide have consistently and generously provided support for worthy causes in many vital areas. The ways by which this takes place varies as much as the corporations themselves. • Philanthropy, corporate social responsibility, cause-related marketing and employee motivation campaigns are some of the ways. Many times corporate support for great causes is understandably linked to the business models of those corporations. • A New Direction for Women and Men™ is posed to offer its corporate sponsors a very flexible response to their needs.

The following offers a successful approach to the relationship between A New Direction for Women and Men ™ and the corporate sponsor:

• Learn more about the disease of addiction, whether it be narcotics, alcohol, gambling or even a destructive lifestyle that is continuing to destroy millions of lives in our country. • Define the underlying purpose of your company in the public sectors eyes by becoming active and supportive of this great cause. Determine how your support for this issue will contribute to help those around us who are afflicted with a disease that few wish to address. • Find examples of how other companies have engaged in corporate sponsorship and deploy those as well as the many options that A New Direction for Women and Men ™ offers • Identify ways that merge corporate expertise and A New Direction for Women and Men ™ to obtain synergistic results of the projects entered into jointly • Agree on a plan and monitor and evaluate to scale-up as appropriate

Sponsors obtain many benefits from a relationship with A New Direction for Women and Men ™

• Exposure of your brand through A New Direction for Women and Men ™ web site, events, and media • Substantial, realistic and positive corporate branding, with focused results in a quick time period • Positive high profile exposure within your community by taking part in activities • Strengthened brand and credibility in the corporate community • Strategic and tactical long term benefits • Tax deduction • Business development and product support

A New Direction for Women and Men ™ is a strong moral and ethical resource for your company when you decide to participate in building diversified recovery solutions. Your participation in our sponsor program, contribution, or gift in kind will ensure we accomplish our goal of assisting all and any individuals who wish to take a new direction in their life away from the disease of addiction. Please feel free to write to us below:

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