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A Safe – Confidential Residence for Drug and Alcohol Recovery in St. Petersburg – Florida

About Us- A New Direction for Women and Men™

A New Direction (AND™) was founded in Pontiac, Michigan in 1998 for the primary purpose of giving back to the community and to help another addict/alcoholic remain abstinent and develop a life worth living. Structured housing was available to women only until 2000. At this time, there were three houses and approximately 24 female residents. In 2000 AND™ opened the doors to men and by 2003 there were six houses and approximately 58 residents.

In addition to remaining abstinent from mind or mood altering substances individuals worked on life skills, legal issues, employment achievement and rebuilding relationships with family members. AND™ closed in 2009 and was reopened by the founder, after relocating closer to family, in St. Petersburg, Florida in 2012. A New Direction offers more than structured housing. We provide laundry and linens, on-site 24 hour staff, referrals to entitlement programs and recovery resources, on-site mental and medical services, case management and free HIV testing.

Our Mission

To provide a structured and nurturing environment in order to empower you to remain abstinent from all illegal substances, while increasing client self-respect and the ability to live in a self-sufficient, productive life.

Our Vision

Healing, physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually occurs one day at a time – sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, and more assuredly in a homelike, structured, supportive environment.

Our Goal

To give our residents the tools they need to stay in recovery, regardless of life circumstances.