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A New Direction for Women and Men™ believes in providing individuals with the tools to live healthy clean and sober productive lives. We are compassionate, caring, confidential, and with 15 years experience in residential recovery, we are committed to the success of the individual.

Chemical dependency is a proven treatable condition, and our custom designed residential treatment program has assisted many addicts and their loved ones. We equip individuals with skills, knowledge and support to maintain lifelong sobriety and regain a healthy mind, body and spirit.

We focus on recovery. We help each individual gain a deeper understanding of the disease of addiction. We then provide an action plan to restore health and balance to the individual’s life.

They experience the compassionate care and attention necessary for achieving lasting recovery.

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Located in Saint Petersburg at 2265 5th ave. N. A New Direction for Women and Men™ is a well-established residential recovery facility for drug and alcohol recovery, and is here to help you. We recognize that substance abuse is a treatable condition rather than a hopeless plight.

It affects individuals and families from all walks of life and damages the mind, body and spirit. A New Direction for Women and Men™ focuses on healing all aspects of your life within a safe, restorative environment. Successful completion of our program helps addicts and alcoholics achieve long-term rehabilitation and successful outcomes.

In the beginning phases of addiction recovery, an alcohol and drug detox is sometimes necessary to remove any of the addictive chemicals from the body.


After the detox has occurred, a residential recovery environment is recommended. This residential recovery environment may take from 90 days to six months. However the 90 days to six months are well worth the investment. Upon completing A New Direction for Women and Men Inc™ residential program the individual is provided all the tools needed to stay substance-free.

A New Direction for Women and Men™ assists each person in learning how to steer clear of drugs and alcohol through relapse prevention, and developing positive, healthy methods of coping to continue living a happy, drug-free life.


A New Direction for Women and Men™ understands that relapses can be caused by various things. Many people relapse when they are in a negative emotional state, and others relapse because they are experiencing physical discomfort. Some relapse because of social pressure. Regardless of why the individual has relapsed, it is important for the individual to forgive themselves and make a plan to get back on track.

The staff at A New Direction for Women and Men™ has all gone through some form of rehab and each staff member is empathetic to the residents’ problematic issues that can cause a relapse and try to their best ability to assist in the alleviating of these triggers during the residents stay in the program.

A New Direction for Women and Men™ also provides for all residents an in-depth resource center for just about any question they may have regarding drugs, alcohol and other social addictions. We believe in educating each resident in all aspects of their addiction and recovery process. People take drugs and use alcohol because they want to change something about their lives.

  • To fit in
  • To escape or relax
  • To relieve boredom
  • To rebel
  • To avoid daily responsibilities
  • To experiment

    They think alcohol and drugs are a solution. However eventually what happens is: the alcohol and drugs become the problem and become an addiction. Our education and resource center assists each resident in learning the true facts regarding their addiction and how to form a recovery plan.

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